MVDDS 5G Coalition Files Comments with FCC

The MVDDS Coalition, of which DISH is a member, is urging the FCC to issue a further notice of proposed rulemaking (FNPRM) that includes the 500 MHz of contiguous MVDDS spectrum (12.2-12.7 GHz) when it votes on the currently pending Spectrum Frontiers NPRM this summer.

By modernizing the rules, the FCC can unleash the potential of this underutilized spectrum for Fifth Generation (5G) mobile broadband technologies and ensure that the U.S. continues its leadership role in wireless.

As U.S. consumers in rural and urban areas increasingly demand more mobile data at higher speeds, the FCC can enable sharing in the band between incumbent direct-to-home satellite services and mobile broadband services.  Consumers will benefit from faster speeds, enhanced connection ubiquity, and truly real-time services and applications.

Read the MVDDS Coalition’s filing with the FCC here.