DISH Statement on FCC Adoption of 12 GHz NPRM

The following is attributed to Jeff Blum, DISH EVP of External and Legislative Affairs:

“By adopting the 12 GHz NPRM, the FCC has taken an important step forward in evaluating the rules governing the 12 GHz band to better align with today's 5G world. DISH, along with other 12 GHz license holders, public interest groups and trade associations, supports the review of these antiquated rules, and we thank the Commission for initiating this important process. The 12 GHz band represents 500 megahertz of spectrum that is suited for terrestrial, two-way 5G use cases, while being able to protect DBS operations. We look forward to working with the Commission throughout this process to determine the best use of the band to further close the digital divide and advance our nation’s position in the race to 5G.”  

January 13, 2021