DISH Network Adds New, Local Features to DISH Decision 2008 Interactive Platform
New Software From BIAP Provides Voters With More Local and National Political Information
Our subscribers can learn more about presidential candidates and their stances as well as local U.S. congressional and gubernatorial races; this is another example of how DISH Network's interactive team is utilizing its technology to provide services nationally and locally for our subscribers.

DISH Network Corporation (Nasdaq:DISH), the nation's third largest pay-TV provider and the digital transition leader, today announced the addition of new features to its DISH Decision 2008 interactive television (iTV) platform. Located on DishHOME Channel 100, DISH Decision 2008 now includes categories such as "My Elections," "News," and "Polls." Existing applications such as "You Decide 08" and "For President" feature new designs and updated information. DISH Network(r) launched the interactive portal in January to provide unbiased election coverage to its more than 13.8 million customer subscribers.

DISH Decision 2008 also provides advertisers with the ability to utilize interactive technology to reach targeted audiences with precise messaging. For example, a national committee for a political party may purchase advertising space for a candidate in a local U.S. congressional race. When DISH Network subscribers select the advertisement, the application activates to U.S. House and Senate candidates based on the subscriber's zip code. Advertising options include 30-second commercials, lists of campaign events, candidate information, campaign contributions and more. These advanced features are available to all DISH Network customers free of charge, and no additional equipment is required to run and view the service.

"Through multiple applications, DISH Network customers and advertisers now have access to a variety of interactive tools to stay informed during the 2008 election cycle," said Michael Kelly, executive vice president for DISH Network. "Our subscribers can learn more about presidential candidates and their stances as well as local U.S. congressional and gubernatorial races; this is another example of how DISH Network's interactive team is utilizing its technology to provide services nationally and locally for our subscribers."

"The 2008 election is truly a television event," said Tim Peters, BIAP CEO. "What a tremendous advantage for DISH Network subscribers to have access to these great websites on a single page. It also serves as a breakthrough for advertisers to be able to segment their message in a national buy. An advertisement for a presidential candidate might appear on agricultural in farming states, while their views on social security might be shown in states with high concentrations of retirees. You can segment right down to each individual zip code. I am proud of our sophisticated BIAP technology that allows this targeting."

"My Elections" allows DISH Network subscribers access to localized, unbiased information about U.S. House and Senate races within their states and other states. The iTV platform matches a subscriber's zip code against a database of U.S. House and Senate candidates and provides his or her local candidate information to DISH Network subscribers. The service also provides information about gubernatorial races.

Other new features include a "News" category that provides up-to-the-minutes political content from MSNBC. "Polls" provides DISH Network subscribers with the ability to follow stories and access the latest polls on the presidential and U.S. congressional races from Rasmussen Reports. DISH Network customers may also participate in the DISH Decision Poll and the Rasmussen "Question of the Day" by using their mobile phones.

Upgraded applications include "You Decide 2008" and "For President." The "For President" category lists all presidential candidates running for office. DISH Network customers may select a candidate to learn more information about his or her political beliefs. "You Decide 2008" platform allows DISH Network subscribers to research and learn more information about the current presidential field by asking a series of questions based on top political issues. The application matches a subscriber's answers with presidential campaign stances and advises which candidate best matches his or her political beliefs.

To launch DISH Network iTV applications, customers can go to DishHOME channel 100 and select a category. Customers will be able to select from a series of iTV applications.

DISH Network offers the most robust iTV services in the U.S. with an interactive menu that includes a variety of virtual and enhanced channels. DISH Network has the most iTV enabled set-top boxes with more than 13 million households.

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