LIN Media Pulls Plug on Dish Network Customers, Continues Demands for Enormous Rate Increase
We are pleased the FCC met this week to propose changes to this outdated retransmission consent process between broadcasters and pay-TV operators. We believe the system is broken and are happy to see the FCC recognize it is time to make changes that put consumers' needs at the forefront.

DISH Network L.L.C., issued the following statement from Dave Shull, senior vice president of Programming, about its retransmission negotiations with LIN Media regarding carriage of 27 local channels in 17 markets:

"It's unfortunate that LIN Media, a corporate media conglomerate, pulled its channels down at midnight, holding viewers in 17 markets across the nation hostage while attempting to coerce DISH Network to submit to outrageous demands. Even more disappointing is the fact that LIN Media didn't even make an effort to keep negotiating during the final hours and failed to respond despite our numerous attempts to reach them. LIN Media also refused to grant the contract extension DISH Network proposed. DISH Network offered LIN Media a fee increase comparable to market rates already agreed to with more than 1,000 other TV stations. However, in the last few days, LIN Media increased its fees even more, demanding more than a 175 percent rate increase in the first year alone.

"LIN Media is simply being greedy, insisting on a rate increase so immense that DISH Network and its customers couldn't possibly absorb it. Their onerous demands and burdensome contract terms would result in payments of millions of dollars more each month, exceeding current market rates and demanding more money than we pay most of our popular national networks.

"We are pleased the FCC met this week to propose changes to this outdated retransmission consent process between broadcasters and pay-TV operators. We believe the system is broken and are happy to see the FCC recognize it is time to make changes that put consumers' needs at the forefront.

"DISH Network remains open to further talks with LIN Media in hopes of reaching a fair deal to restore the channels."

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