DISH Delivers All Political Angles with "Election 2012: War of the Words"
With a presidential contest that appears to be up for grabs, DISH is proud to present content that delivers news and a full spectrum of opinion to give our viewers the perspective they need to make informed choices

DISH Network Corporation (Nasdaq: DISH):

  • Glenn Beck of TheBlaze and Eliot Spitzer of Current TV will share competing views of our country before first presidential debate in Denver
  • Current TV (channel 215) and TheBlaze (channel 212) in free preview for all DISH subscribers; channels available a la carte

With the addition of Glenn Beck's TheBlaze provided exclusively on DISH (NASDAQ: DISH), the pay-tv provider announced an upcoming face-off between Beck and Current TV host Eliot Spitzer to discuss the first presidential debate in Denver, Oct. 2.

The two personalities were introduced by DISH Chief Executive Officer Joe Clayton at a colorful New York event that was staged as a weigh-in before a verbal boxing match. The two hosts delivered a taste of what's to come in the "War of the Words" in October.

"With a presidential contest that appears to be up for grabs, DISH is proud to present content that delivers news and a full spectrum of opinion to give our viewers the perspective they need to make informed choices," said Clayton.

DISH Network will host a televised face-off between Beck and Spitzer the night before the first presidential debate in Denver, the headquarters home of DISH. Beck and Spitzer will go head-to-head in a verbal match-up to promote their respective networks, TheBlaze and Current TV, while showcasing their perspectives on the hot topics in this year's election.

"We are excited that TheBlaze is coming to television 24/7 starting exclusively with DISH," said Beck. "We look forward to giving DISH subscribers and viewers across the country quality programming and engaging content filled with the facts and stories they care about most."

TheBlaze launched yesterday exclusively on DISH channel 212 and is available as a free preview for all DISH customers through Sept. 26.

Current TV, on DISH Channel 215, is dedicated to providing insightful news and analysis of important issues and goes into free preview for all DISH subscribers through Oct. 9.

"As the election draws closer, it's important for Americans to have access to programming that keeps them informed of the political topics of today. The conversation with Glenn will be exciting and something I am looking forward to," said Spitzer, former New York governor and attorney general as well as host of Current TV's "Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer."

TheBlaze is included in DISH's America's Top 250 package; Current TV is included in America's Top 200 package; both can be purchased a la carte for $5 per month starting later this month. Visit for more information.

The program will be televised in front of a live audience Oct. 2, the eve of the first presidential debate in Denver. "The War of the Words" will be broadcast on DISH channel 102 and streamed online at

Editor's Note: Video featuring Glenn Beck, Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Joe Clayton at the "weigh-in" will be available via satellite today at 4 p.m. EDT on the following satellite coordinates:

Satellite: 91.0°W GALAXY 17
Downlink Frequency: 18K Upper, 12069.000, V
DVB Standard / FEC: DVB S QPSK 3/4
Symbol Rate: 13.235000
Data Rate: 18.295442
Bandwidth: 18 MHz

Uplink Truck Contact: 401-338-0563

The full content of the event will be available on DISH's YouTube channel later today as well as additional b-roll footage. Visit

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