Executive Bios

Led by co-founder Charlie Ergen, DISH's leadership team is comprised of industry veterans who put consumers first and are guiding the future of entertainment

Executive Leadership

Headshot of Charlie Ergen

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Headshot of Jim DeFranco

Co-founder, Executive Vice President and Director

Headshot of W-Erik-Carlson.png

President and Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of John Swieringa

President and Chief Operating Officer, DISH Wireless

Headshot of Amir Ahmed

Executive Vice President, DISH TV

Headshot of Eben Albertyn

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, DISH Wireless

headshot of Doug Balsbough

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

Headshot of Jeffrey Blum

Executive Vice President, External and Legislative Affairs

Headshot of Tom Cullen

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Headshot of Michael Kelly

Executive Vice President and Group President, Retail Wireless

Senior Leadership

Headshot of Kannan Alagappan

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Jim Allen

Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Headshot of Kevin Arrix

Senior Vice President, DISH Media

Headshot of Kyle Bemis

Senior Vice President, Finance

Headshot of Rob Bennett

Senior Vice President, Retail Wireless Technology

Headshot of Kieran Callaghan

Senior Vice President, Direct Sales

Headshot of Paul Chapple

Senior Vice President, Retail Wireless Product

Headshot of Kevin Covell

Senior Vice President, Customer Retention and Marketing

Headshot of Michael Cyran

Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Programming

Headshot of Dale Drew

Senior Vice President, Wireless Security Architecture and Product Security

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