Innovation in live dynamic ad insertion triples Sling TV ad revenue in 2018
- DAI-enabled addressable, cross-platform and programmatic ads fuel growth
- Advertising revenue supports Sling TV’s ability to provide the best value to consumers
Dynamic ad insertion chart

NEW YORK, February 28, 2019 – DISH Media today announced that Sling TV’s industry-leading dynamic ad insertion (DAI) into live streaming TV fueled the tripling of its advertising revenue in 2018, adding a multiplier on top of tenfold growth reported for 2017. Sling saw significant growth in key focus areas enabled by DAI including targeted addressable advertising, particularly in cross-platform campaigns that are delivered to both Sling TV and DISH TV audiences with a single buy.

“Targeted addressable advertising continues to grow, and we’ve delivered more than 1.3 billion cross-platform addressable impressions in the last year,” said Kevin Arrix, DISH Media senior vice president. “We think of cross-platform a bit differently than some in the industry. Cross-platform across DISH and Sling is about your ad appearing during premium content on the largest screen in the house, extending the audience footprint with more eyeballs and more households, leading to more customers for a brand.”

DISH Media has seen growth in cross-platform addressable campaigns since the introduction of that capability September 2017.

“Before Sling launched, we committed to build the best DAI technology to drive a more tailored experience for both brands and consumers,” said Warren Schlichting, president of Sling TV. “Inserting ads real-time into a live stream across multiple networks proved to be complex, but we continued to iterate and innovate to offer a premium advertising experience that marketers seem to appreciate. That revenue is a key contributor to Sling’s business model to deliver choice, flexibility and best value to consumers.”

Sling supports DAI on more than 90 live networks.

“DAI has opened new doors, allowing us to expose our inventory to programmatic buyers, attracting digital ad budgets that weren’t traditionally spent on TV,” said Arrix. “The lines between digital and TV are blurring.”

Programmatic purchasing on Sling saw close to fivefold growth in 2018, contributing to the more than 7,500 individual brands that aired advertisements on Sling’s inventory last year.

DISH Media continues its focus on growth with enhanced analytics and measurement. Brands are able to capitalize on cross-platform measurement tools with both comScore and Nielsen introduced in 2018.

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