DISH Media Partners with SeaChange and Beachfront to Launch National Linear Programmatic
  • First-of-its-Kind Real-Time Ad Sales Optimization
  • Providing advertisers flexible ad-buying across 7+ million households
  • Viant is the first Demand-side Platform (DSP) to utilize this new technology

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2022  /PRNewswire/ -- DISH Media (NASDAQ: DISH) announced a first-of-its-kind solution enabling advertisers to access premium linear TV inventory through a real-time, programmatic buying model. The solution, National Linear Programmatic (NLP), will work across DISH TV's 7+ million households nationwide. NLP is enabled by Beachfront, the sell-side ad server built for convergent TV, and SeaChange International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEAC), a leading provider of video delivery and ad insertion platforms.

"Pioneering this new capability is another step in our effort to build more open and interoperable solutions for our advertisers," said Kevin Arrix, senior vice president, DISH Media. "The television marketplace is evolving, and providing our valuable linear TV inventory via programmatic technology is another positive step in this direction."

NLP will enhance DISH Media's existing sales channels while presenting the demand-side with a more flexible, interoperable ad-buying solution, allowing marketers to buy in a more practical, scalable and efficient way. Benefits include:

  • Ability to expose linear inventory to be executed in real-time
  • Fully automated buy process for linear demand partners
  • Ability for demand-side to plan linear alongside their digital/over-the-top buys for a more holistic view and more control of their linear exposure
  • Provides a greater range of buyers access to linear TV

"Enabling new and incremental advertising capabilities for DISH TV with our Advanced Advertising Platform is a true milestone in our quest to optimize ad yield for operators globally. Adopting the principles of addressability and automation from the digital landscape to enable real-time auctions for linear TV through industry-standard digital advertising marketplaces is a gamechanger and a growth milestone for the industry," said Chris Klimmer, president, SeaChange. "Together with Beachfront, we will continue our mission to optimize ad yield for operators by attracting additional advertisers, enabling real-time bidding and automating ad sales."

"Having DISH TV deploy an automated solution is truly going to accelerate the growth of programmatic capabilities in the industry, particularly for TV media buyers, programmers and distributors," said Chris Maccaro, chief executive officer, Beachfront. "Advertisers are constantly looking for the fastest, most efficient use of time and money. Having access to DISH TV's national linear TV inventory with the tools required to get a campaign live in a day will provide a lot of new flexibility."

"This exciting new offering is a great option for digital-first buyers who want to expand their reach and take advantage of DISH's linear footprint," said Jonathan Ahuna, senior vice president of operations, Viant. "It delivers a one-two combination of being able to buy ads seconds before the ads' airing, then, through the power of Viant's Adelphic DSP, quickly report out on the buy, vastly reducing the traditional delay of linear reporting."

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