DISH Media launches addressable Reach Booster™ extending linear campaigns to more viewers
- Reach Booster identifies households missed by linear campaigns and serves household-level targeted ads
- Beta campaign for consumer-packaged good brand boosts reach to 86 percent of target audience

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DISH Media today announced the launch of Reach Booster, a new product designed to enhance reach capabilities of national linear campaigns. Reach Booster combines the scale of national video with the one-to-one targeting functionalities of addressable. The new product leverages addressable technology and campaign delivery data to identify and serve households initially missed, or not sufficiently served, during a national linear campaign.


"The reach of a national linear campaign naturally plateaus, missing millions of viewers and overexposing others," explained Kevin Arrix, senior vice president of DISH Media. "By adding Reach Booster, the reach curve continuously builds and frequency is stabilized, improving both campaign performance and the viewing experience."

A consumer-packaged goods brand recently utilized Reach Booster to extend the reach of a linear campaign. The initial linear schedule reached 58 percent of its target audience across both DISH and Sling TV platforms. By adding Reach Booster, the brand expanded the campaign's total reach to 86 percent. This included an additional 1.8 million new households across both platforms, who had not previously seen the ad. 

In another example, a well-known luxury automaker's initial linear campaign schedule had 46 percent reach. By adding Reach Booster, the automaker was able to achieve 74 percent total reach, including an additional 1.6 million new households who had not previously seen the ad. 

"Reach Booster is an exciting new way to utilize addressable technology. It can help fill in the gaps that linear might miss, making our clients' ad dollars work smarter," continued Arrix. "On top of that, it adds deterministic data to a linear campaign, utilizing our first-party data for rich attribution and analytics."

DISH Media has delivered more than 3,000 household-level addressable campaigns since 2012, and introduced cross-platform addressable on DISH and Sling TV in 2017. 

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