DISH Statement Regarding Comcast-Time Warner Cable Opposition to Petitions to Deny

DISH issued the following statement today in response to Comcast-Time Warner Cable filing the Opposition to Petitions to Deny and Response to Comments with the Federal Communications Commission on September 23, 2014:

“The arrogant tone and sense of entitlement displayed in the opposition papers of Comcast provide useful insight into how the combined company will treat the American consumer and competitors if this merger is approved. This is especially concerning given that the combined company will control half of the high-speed broadband connections in the United States immediately, and be on a path to virtual dominance of the high-speed broadband market in the United States given that the combined company will pass close to 70 percent of pay-TV households. Stripped of Comcast’s rhetoric, the facts and the law demonstrate that this merger should be denied. It is not a close call.”