DISH Survey: Flyers Say “Keeping Kids Entertained” is Top Benefit of New FAA Rules on Electronic Devices
More than 10 percent of travelers claim ‘separation anxiety’ when forced to turn off devices
56 percent say new extended usage rules will impact airline choice
Catching up on email and reading books also ranked as top benefits
can’t wait to turn the thing off for once.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the FAA relaxing its rules on the use of portable electronic devices, a DISH survey revealed that consumers ranked “keeping kids entertained” as the top benefit of the rule change. Meanwhile, 11 percent of travelers reported experiencing “separation anxiety” when they turn off their devices, a feeling that may become a thing of the past thanks to the ruling.

The survey showed that in addition to entertaining kids, which 26 percent of respondents ranked as most important, flyers are also eager for more time to catch up on email (24 percent) and read books (17 percent).

As airlines seek individual approval from the FAA to allow extended device use, the survey notes that more than half (56 percent) of respondents said it is important that the airline they fly most frequently be approved for extended use.

"For years, DISH customers have enjoyed TV on their tablets and smartphones using DISH apps," said Vivek Khemka, senior vice president of product at DISH. "With the FAA's recent decision, the airline experience is further improved. Consumers can now watch their favorite shows and movies uninterrupted from gate to gate, city to city."

Sentiment on current personal device use on planes ranged drastically. In addition to the 11 percent who said they experience “separation anxiety,” 44 percent said they “use it until the last possible second.” On the other side of the spectrum, 30 percent said they “can’t wait to turn the thing off for once.” Meanwhile 14 percent admitted that they usually forgot to turn off their device, even before the ruling.

These questions and others were posed to flyers in a DISH-commissioned survey conducted by Research+Data Insights. The survey was designed to track consumer sentiment in light of the FAA’s announcement October 31 regarding extended usage of Portable Electronic Devices (PED) during flight.

DISH has taken several steps over the past year to provide entertainment options for flyers. In July, DISH announced a partnership with Southwest Airlines to provide free access to live TV and on-demand programming. Most recently, DISH began lending iPads to Southwest flyers traveling between select routes. While these offers are unique to Southwest, Hopper customers can enjoy programs while flying on other airlines by transferring programs from their Hopper with Sling to their device via Hopper Transfers. This enables them to view their content during all portions of the flight, not just when Wi-Fi is enabled.

The survey was conducted among 744 adult air travelers 18 or older nationwide. Responses were given online on November 5, 2013.

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