DISH Submits Reply Comments to FCC on Wireless Rules
) by $1.739 billion and employment by at least 7,000 jobs. By this metric, unleashing the 40 MHz of S-Band spectrum would increase GDP by almost $7 billion and create 28,000 jobs.


  • Comments overwhelmingly support the FCC's proposals and DISH's entry into the wireless market
  • DISH will deliver competition and choice in wireless broadband services that will benefit American consumers and create tens of thousands of jobs
  • Expedited decision critical for delivery of new wireless data network

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concludes the comment period for its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) over wireless spectrum licensed by DISH, the Colorado-based pay-TV company provided the FCC its response today to filings submitted by more than 30 industry groups.

The question before the FCC is whether to change the current rules governing the so-called "Mobile-Satellite Service" spectrum so that it can be more efficiently used to deliver wireless broadband services for data, voice and video applications into the mass market. The FCC comment period opened May 17 and closes today.

"We are pleased with the overwhelming support for the Commission's proposals and for DISH's entry into the wireless market," said Tom Cullen, executive vice president of DISH. "The comments recognize the vital importance of unleashing spectrum for wireless broadband as quickly as possible. We look forward to working with the Commission to swiftly finalize the rules so more spectrum can be put to use for the benefit of American consumers."

In June 2010, President Obama signed a presidential memorandum calling for the availability of up to 500 MHz of additional spectrum over the next decade to meet growing consumer demand for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Last year, DISH invested $3 billion to acquire the license rights to 40 MHz of spectrum in the 2 GHz band. This spectrum remains largely unused due to the uncompetitive requirements currently in place.

In its reply comments to the FCC, DISH emphasized the following points:

INVESTING IN JOB CREATION: "To deploy and operate a full-fledged terrestrial broadband wireless network, DISH is prepared to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and employ tens of thousands of Americans. According to a recent study, every 10 MHz of additional licensed spectrum made available for mobile broadband increases the U.S. Gross Domestic Product ("GDP") by $1.739 billion and employment by at least 7,000 jobs. By this metric, unleashing the 40 MHz of S-Band spectrum would increase GDP by almost $7 billion and create 28,000 jobs."

EXPEDITED PROCESS BROADLY SUPPORTED: "The record reflects broad industry and public support for the Commission's proposal to proceed expeditiously with modifying DISH's authority in the 2 GHz band to include terrestrial advanced wireless services (AWS)."

AMERICAN CONSUMERS BENEFIT: "New terrestrial mobile broadband operations in the 2 GHz band will benefit American consumers. The Commission should expedite deployment of these services by immediately freeing the artificial constraints from the band as soon as possible."

SPEED IS OF THE ESSENCE: "The considerable scope of agreement reflected in the record, combined with the relative ease of solving the remaining disagreements, support prompt issuance of a final order in the proceeding. Speed is of the essence, as the spectrum crunch is looming. Acting quickly will allow DISH to invest in the chipsets, infrastructure, and device development required to bring a competitive terrestrial mobile broadband service to the market."

SET REALISTIC MILESTONES AND PENALTIES: "Commenters support buildout schedules and measured consequences on par with requirements set in other proceedings to allocate spectrum for mobile services. DISH should not be hamstrung with an unrealistic schedule to which incumbents are not subject and that ultimately delays service to the public. Commenters also agree that missed performance benchmarks should not result in the 'death penalty' of automatic license termination."

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