Paul Chapple

As Senior Vice President of Retail Wireless Product for DISH’s retail wireless business, Paul leads mobile product and device strategy and development across DISH’s current and future wireless brands. He is responsible for device portfolio selection and management of DISH’s relationships with key suppliers, as well as product development, certification and testing, and other services required to deliver a world-class customer experience.


Paul has been at the forefront of wireless products and device innovations for many years, leading efforts at both top-tier carriers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). He is a seasoned consumer wireless executive with over 20 years of diverse experience across multiple markets and geographies. 


Prior to joining DISH, Paul served as Director of Mobile Products & Services at Vodafone, where he led Vodafone’s strategic relationships with key suppliers, as well as all aspects of hardware and services customization and development. 


Previously, Paul was Vice President of Supplier and Product Management at T-Mobile, leading the end-to-end product management for all devices, including handsets, wearables, tablets, and those related to the Internet of Things (IoT), with a key focus on developing T-Mobile’s 5G roadmap. Earlier in his career, he held executive roles with Nokia, Samsung and HTC. 


Paul received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Public Communications from Syracuse University. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.