Jeff McSchooler

As Executive Vice President of Engineering and Broadcast for DISH, Jeff McSchooler leads a team of DISH Technologies staff members located primarily at the company’s Denver-based corporate offices and six nationwide digital broadcast centers. Jeff’s teams are responsible for broadcasting over 7,000 satellite television channels. Additionally, they oversee set-top box and device hardware and software architecture, design and operational implementation, as well as product management, project management and business-to-business marketing and sales.


Jeff is an industry veteran experienced in the architecture, design and sustaining of engineering systems. New technologies have expanded his responsibilities to include various components of Fixed Satellite Services, IPTV, VOD and wireless NB-IoT implementation, which support the company’s emphasis on excellent customer support.  Jeff has been granted several technical patents for his innovative efforts and continued dedication to his field. Jeff and his EchoStar team received the 2014-15 Technology and Engineering Emmy award for Closed-loop Statistical Multiplexing of Geographically Distributed Encoders, which enable the delivery of local broadcast stations in HD to customers in those specific areas.


Jeff’s background in U.S. Air Force communications and his years at Contel/GTE in Government Systems and GTE SpaceNet made possible his being on the team responsible for the implementation of ground station requirements for the launch of DISH’s satellite operations with the EchoStar I satellite in 1995 and the build-out of DISH’s uplink centers. Jeff has served on various executive advisory boards, regional Governor’s committees, and has been the recipient of numerous awards and commendations throughout his career, including EchoStar’s annual Chairman’s Award.